Eye plastic surgery specialized hospital - WONJIN

Eye plastic surgery specialized hospital - WONJINN

 Eye to determine the impression of human. Many people believe that it is important for the first time and met image. Of course, after that over time, sometimes to grasp that person. The most interest in the Eye plastic surgery in the globally plastic surgery. However, in order to eye plastic surgery, it is necessary to select better Eye plastic surgery specialized hospital. Wonjin plastic surgery clinic korea known to many people in the world safe and satisfactory operation.

 WONJIN [eye plastic surgery specialized hospital]
"Its' not just the size of the eye that is important." "So what?"
 - It's when the eye snugly fits the proportion of the face that it appears most natural and beautiful. 


① The ideal eye will have symmetrical eye lengths as well as length between eyes. This length ranges from 30mm-24mm.
② The inner comer of the eyes should make a vertical line with the sides of the nose. The outer comers of the eyes should make a diagonal line with the corresponding nose side. 
③ The outer corner of the eyes should be slightly raised in relation to the eyes being on a level plane. 


[Disturbing the thing to the eye plastic surgery specialized hospital]
# Dont't double eyelid formed by non-incision method easily get released?
# Can I make bigger eyes without double eyelid?

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