Breast Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Breast plastic surgery before and after photos

What do you think of the photo above? 
Her beautiful breasts are so natural that noone notice she has undewent through breast plastic surgery! 
Can you believe her breasts are used to be this big

Breast plastic surgery before-1

But now after breast plastic surgery, her breasts transformed into D cup!

Breast plastic surgery after photos-1

Envy? Wanna try? WHY NOT???

Wonjin is committed to help you totally to get back your self-confidence. For now on, change your focus! STOP obsessing with size.

Remember! big breasts are not the center of attention anymore. Naturalness is the key point of being attractive. 

As you can see from above, breast plastic surgery before and after photos are so stunning! So which implant did she choose? Were it round? Were it teardrop? 

Cases of breast augmentation at Wonjin

No matter what implant you chose, Wonjin believes that creating the most natural breasts with any kind of implants is the real skill.

Being attractive by almost 99% naturalness!!!
Breast plastic surgery before and after photos-2

Let's take a look closer at Miss A (alias)' s journey to the new her!
Breast plastic surgery before and after photos

breast plastic surgery before photos-2

Miss A admitted that she always had a complex about the size of her breasts. She said she would wear bras with at least 4-5 cm padding. So she decided to get breast plastic surgery at the best Korean breast plastic surgery

breast plastic surgery after photos-2

She said after she woke up from the anesthesia, her breasts felt so heavy and tightly wrapped with bandages. Two days after the surgery she had the hemovac removed.

breast plastic surgery after photos-3

One week later she got back to work and she said that she could raise her arms high and now she can move around comfortably. She admitted she was so excited to welcome summer this year!

breast plastic surgery after photos-4
She was not supposed to wear wire bra yet, but she wanted to try the C cup bra she bought before the surgery. She told us that she was very satisfied with the result. 

breast plastic surgery after photos-5

This is how she looked when it's only 2 weeks after the surgery. She admitted her breasts feel a bit firm but Wonjin provides all the post operative treatment and massage program to help her get the best out of her breast plastic surgery. 

breast plastic surgery after photos-6

This is one month after her breast plastic surgery. Actually she said she was worried about what size to choose. Wonjin recommended a 275 cc implant and it suits her right! She admitted that she glad about the choice she had made. 

breast plastic surgery after photos-7

This pictures were taken 3 months after her breast plastic surgery. She has now discovered the joy of picking lingerie by the design and not by the amount of padding!!!

4 months after breast plastic surgery. She said she feels so much confidence to wear bikini and lingerie now. Her breasts are getting softer and more natural. 

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