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Korean Best Face Contouring

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Korean best face contouring
The three dimensional look is different!

Do you want to know more detail about Korean best face contouring?
Let's take a look closer about Wonjin's face contouring!

Korean best face contouring case 1. Square Jaw Surgery! Why WONJIN?

Korean best face contouring case 1

V-line! Can we get it just by removing the protruding part?
If we only cut jaw recklessly then not only the natural jaw line is disappear
but also it will make your face look unnatural. 

But Korean best face contouring approach is different. It is not a square jaw reduction surgery, instead it is a surgery that completes V-line at once. Through pre-operative test result, Wonjin will design the ideal angle of your jaw and try to make the best out of it. 

Angular face! Can we just cut the angular jaw? 
The reason why your face looks bigger is not only because of the angular jaw but also because of the thickness of facial bone and the thickness of facial muscle

Korean best face contouring approach it differently. Wonjin removes cortical bone, the most outer part of bone by cortical resection to reduce the thickness of the bone and remove the fat deep inside the cheek so that the thickness of the muscle is also reduced and the result: facial overall reduction + three dimensional effect!! 

Korean best face contouring case 2.    3D Zygoma Reduction! Why WONJIN?

Korean best face contouring case 2

Three dimensional face! Can we get it just by reducing the cheekbone?
The existing cheekbone reduction surgery simply fracture the bone and push it on. However as front cheek are reduced, the face looks flatter. 

Korean best face contouring approach is different. Wonjin do not simply make reduction. Wonjin rotates bones inward to enhance 3D effect. The result: side cheekbones and 45 degree cheekbones are pushed in so the width of a face is reduced much more. The volume of frontal cheeks increases and the outline outstands in three dimension.

Worry of sagging cheek after the surgery?

Korean best face contouring double fixation prevents side effect

Wonjin as Korean best face contouring established a priniciple of bone fixation to prevent all the possible side effects after the surgery. The surgical plated pin used in Wonjin is verified for its safety throughout the world. It is harmless to our body, does not change in shape and it can't be felt when touched. Wonjin does double fixation on front/side cheek so no asymmetry will occur. 

Korean best face contouring case 3.    Front Chin Surgery ! Why WONJIN?

Korean best face contouring case 3

V-line! Can we get it only by front chin surgery?
The shape of our front chin determines the overall facial look so face contouring surgery effect will be gained with just a front chin surgery. 

As a Korean best face contouring clinic, Wonjin is able to correct a wide front chin by T-shape bone fracturing surgery. 

Wide front chin-T-shape bone fracturing surgery

and long chin by front chin reduction 
long chin-front chin reduction

This method is used when the lower chin is wide and long. Front chin is fractured in a T-shape and is set to the center. 


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