Korean Two Jaw Surgery

With the Hallyu (lit. Korean wave) craze taking the world by storm, Korean celebrities are gaining more fame and popularity around the world. This has also contributed to tourism, with numerous fans of Korean culture and entertainment paying visits to Korea. As such, the increasing interest in many aspects of Korea has brought many foreigners to the country including those who wish to receive plastic surgery to look like Korean celebrities.

However, one should be aware that it is highly important to seek a specialized hospital or clinic with plastic surgeons who can perform the desired surgery according to their facial characteristics and ethic and cultural backgrounds. WONJIN plastic surgery hospitals and clinics are recognized worldwide for their exceptional plastic surgery services, and ensure safety based on thorough analysis of individual differences of their patients.

Of particular note, orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery(Two jaw surgery) is highly difficult and needs to be performed by experienced and specialized surgeons as both the upper and lower jaws must be corrected during surgery. Also, post-up follow-ups are especially important, so one should choose a hospital or a clinic that offers follow-up management services. Unlike facial contouring surgeries(Two jaw surgery) (square jaw, jutting chin, facial bones, V-line or slim jawline, etc.), orthodontic treatment can be received after orthognathic surgery, and thus, patients are advised to seek a hospital offering total services for a safe and convenient procedure.

WONJIN plastic surgery hospitals and clinics are well-prepared in these aspects and have a specialized system for pre-surgery examination to post-surgery management services. For these reasons, it has earned excellent reviews from foreign patients. Also, as part of the social contribution activities, free surgery is offered to patients from countries where highly difficult surgeries such as orthognathic and facial contouring surgeries are not available.

Orthognathic surgery(Two jaw surgery) should be performed as a treatment measure for misaligned teeth and other day-to-day difficulties, rather than for aesthetic purposes, and patients are advised to seek a specialized WONJIN plastic surgery hospital or clinic armed with rich experience in performing the procedure as well as advanced medical equipment and safety equipment. There are various surgical methods to correct the jaw, so patients should consult with a plastic surgeon before opting to undergo orthognathic surgery(Two jaw surgery).

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