Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Korean Breast Surgery for Male

Plastic surgery is not only for female but male as well. In this case, Korean breast surgery, is also often done by male, especially at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the best Korean breast surgery clinic . Not that they do it because they want a bigger breast like woman but it's the opposite, it's because they want to remove the appearance of woman' breast. For man, if the mammary glands are overly developed and fat is piled like the breasts of woman giving the appearance of 'man boobs' then male breast (gynecomastia) reduction might be required. 

Male breast or 'man boobs' usually occur when male hormones decrease and female hormones increase so that the inactive mammary glands are stimulated. Male breasts or usually called by gynecomastia is not harmful to the body but often becoming one of psychological stress for some people. They might be embarassed and lose confidence. But don't worry, Wonjin is here to help you out from your problem!

There are two types of male breast reduction technique. 
First is liposuction technique which appropriates for case of hypertrophied gynecomastia due to increase of adipose tissue. This case usually happens to those who are overweight. 

1. Incise underneath of the breats for about 0.5cm
2. Insert cannula to remove fats
3. If needed, it's possible to remove adipose tissue (fat) at the same time from the mammary duct

Second one is mammary gland reduction technique which appropriates for case of hypertrophied gynecomastia with overdeveloped mammary glandular tissue. This kind of case is hard to be corrected by liposuction.

1. Incise skin underneath the aerola
2. Remove mammary glandular tissues

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