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Facial Contour Surgery (Face Contouring)

Recently, as a small and slender face becomes established as the standard of beauty, the number of people seeking facial contour surgery has been on the increase. However, facial contour surgery is a procedure that requires a high level of expertise as it changes the shape of facial bones. Because the face comprises both blood vessels and nerves, care must be taken as feeling in the face can be lost or motor nerves paralyzed if facial nerves are damaged during surgery.

'Square jaw'
1. Case of conspicuous jaw bon(foming squared jaw line)
2. Extremely developed masticatory muscle
3. Desire a slender jaw line
4. Dissatisfied with current facial contour

1. conspicuous front cheekbone
2. wide face width
3. conspicuous side zygoma bone
4. conspicuous side and front zygoma bone
5. unbalanced facial contour
6. Desire a slender facial line
7. Dissatisfied with current facial contour

'Chin surgery'
1. Short chin/ retreated chin / receding chin
2. Small chin
3. excessively developed chin
4. unbalnaced facial contour
5. Dissatisfied with current facial contour

 It is important to choose a hospital for face contouring surgery after receiving consultations from several hospitals. This is because there is a high probability that the patient will not be satisfied with the results of surgery if the facial line the doctor aims to create is different to that wanted by the patient. As such, it is recommended that the location and shape of the facial bone to be operated on is clearly identified through the use of a 3D CT scan prior to facial contour surgery.


 While in the past the goal of surgery was to cut at all costs, in recent times the creation of a smooth angle is more important. Potential patients should take a good look at the systems of specialist surgical hospitals, particularly the experience and know-how of the medical staff, as the face may look unnatural if the bone is cut excessively and side effects may occur.

 There are procedures apart from facial contour surgery capable of changing the shape of the face without touching facial bones or requiring surgery or incisions. For these procedures, it is recommended that patients choose the method that is right for them which avoids side effects after holding consultations with a range of specialists, rather than making surgery decisions on their own.

 At a WONJIN PLASTIC SUREGERY CLINIC in Seoul Korea, it was revealed that “the patient should decide to undergo a safe facial contour procedure by consulting widely with specialists and specialist equipment, as the procedure needs to give life to three-dimensional facial lines customized to the individual’s face”.

 In addition, it was emphasized that “it is recommended that patients thoroughly check whether there is a post-surgery check-up program when deciding on a hospital as post-facial contour surgery management can greatly influence the results of surgery or recovery period.

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