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 With the generalization of open attitude towards plastic surgery, there is a trend of increasingly larger number of people visiting the plastic surgeons. In particular, the largest number of Koreans wishes to have their eyes corrected through plastic surgery because it is possible to markedly alter the overall facial image only through relatively simple and minor changes.

 Although the surgical procedures on the eyes have become the most generalized procedure, the number of people wishing to undergo re-surgery due to the side effects is also increasing substantially. The majority of people choose the clinics that offer the services at lower prices without prudent considerations in selecting the clinics mostly because of their belief that eye plastic surgery is a simple surgery in comparison to other areas and increasingly larger number of people is undergoing re-surgery due to the side effects of poorly conducted surgical procedures.

[eye plastic surgery partial incision method]
[eye plastic surgery full incision method]

 In addition, there are those who experience side effects by choosing to mimic the eye shapes of a particular person rather than the eye line that is appropriate for them. However, the re-surgery method of double eyelids that requires retouching of the muscles and skin that had already been damaged is relatively complicated.

[the best eye plastic surgery specialized hospital korea]

 Accordingly, it becomes even more difficult to achieve satisfactory results of the surgery performed on already damaged tissues as the number of re-surgery increases. Therefore, it is essential to accurately analyze the cause of the failure of the 1st surgery performed. Since it takes about 6 months for the areas of the double eyelid surgery to be fully pacified and the intended shape to be established, it is advisable to undergo re-surgery after 6 months~1 year after the initial surgery.

 Hasty decision on re-surgery may induce adverse effects. It is inevitable that the re-surgery of the double eyelids incurs a greater cost than the first surgical procedure since it requires reshaping of the tissues around the eyes that have already been damaged. Moreover, even minute changes made through the re-surgery may produce substantial differences in the outcome.

[eye plastic surgery clinic WONJIN before&after]

 Therefore, it is very important that the re-surgery be performed after having established systematic surgical plans and undergone sufficient consultations with the specialists with extensive experiences and know-how on eye plastic surgery.

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