The Best Korean Male Rhinoplasty (Nose Plastic Surgery)

[Secret Information] "I will give to you about rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery) method"

Nose plastic surgery is not means just reshape the nose.
People who had the nose surgery said 'you should be seriously thinking about nose plastic surgery'. Rhinoplasty is not just cosmetic surgery.
A beautiful nose is not just high, but line from the forehead, nose, lips to the chin should look natural when viewed from the side. Not only the shape of the nose should be considered but also the functionality, so accurate treatment from the ear, nose, and throat center is important.

Male Rhinoplasty
In recent years, men of nose plastic surgery is increasing. Skin and skeleton are the differences between male and female. So the best korean nose surgery speiclized hospital is aware of the dirrerences between men and women.

The key-potin to male rhinoplasty
- A straight bridge line extended from the forehead
- Forehead to nose 130 degres, nose to lips 90 degrees
- Raised bridge and slightly lowered tip
- Thick and side bridge

Male Rhinoplasty info
WONJIN also has nose jobs for men. We know that men and women look different and approach surgery differently. Silicone implast use is appropriate because the male nose is thicker than a woman's. While performing surgery, the wider ridge of the nose is considered. The ideal nose width is 13mm, the nose should make a 130 degree angle with the forehead and the nose should make a 90 degree angle with the lips.

[Wonjin plastic surgery directions video]


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