Best Korean Rhinoplasty, Dorsal Augmentation

Have you heard about dorsal augmentation?
It's one of rhinoplasty type available at the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery.The most common one if it comes to rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

best korean rhinoplasty wonjin

Not so many know about dorsal augmentation but many people know about nose surgery, people like to call it nose surgery instead of dorsal augmentation. In the past, a sharp Western noes was preffered especially by Asians. However, as time passed, it's been changed. A nose based on existing individual facial feature is most important. Here, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is focusing on every little detail to give patients a nose which is in harmony with their entire face.

best korean rhinoplasty wonjin

How is the dorsal augmentation surgical method? Wonjin Plastic Surgery, who performed the best Korean rhinoplasty, is raising the bridge of the nose using an individually designed implant, also giving a natural line to the nose tip using the cartilage. The method starts with deciding and designing implants, based on the patients' needs so it will be different with one another. Beside deciding the implant, they will also need to decide the cartilages that will be insterted to the nose tip. Then the incision point is made. After that, the designed implant which was made before is carefully inserted into the nose bridge. Once the nose bridge is inserted by the implant, now time to complete the nose shape with the cartilages prepared before, it will be insterted to the nose tip.

best korean rhinoplasty wonjin
Nose length and height - A nose length and height in proportion to the face is chosen.
Nose bridge - After considering skin thickness and nasal bone, an implant is selected.
Nose tip - Insert own cartilage and then cover with fascia. This prevents the skin from becoming thinner or becoming red. The nose tip is raised slightly higher than the bridge to create a beautiful side and frontal profile.

This dorsal augmentation is recommended for those who are disappointed with their nose shape at the moment, with this you can make a special implant, designed only for yourself. Aso for those who have flat nose and small nose, as you can make it longer, bigger, and more important, as pointy as you wish.
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