Korean Best Face Contouring, Forehead Augmentation

Having an uneven volume of forehead sometimes make it as an complex for some people. This problem also leads to another problem, it makes your head looks bigger isn't it? Don't worry, Korean best face contouring surgery from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul is here for you!

To help you having an ideal proportion of face, korean best face contouring has some surgeries available from two jaw surgery, corrective orthodontics, square jaw reduction, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, forehead augmentation, and jaw revision. And in this case, what you need is a forehead augmentation. A forehead that is flat or has sunken bone is given volume through fat grafting or forehead implants. Korean face contouring, in this case, forehead augmentation in Wonjin Plastic Surgery is not only focusing on the middle of the forehead but includes forehead, cheekboone, nose, and chin area. With this surgery, you can appear younger with a facial procedure that removes forehead lines and forehead ridges. Usually, a small and recessed forehead can gives off manly appearance which is annoying for some girls, yes it gives you a strong impression as well. If you're experiencing this, then what you need is a forehead augmentation, which will gives you an attractive appearances.

Surgical method for forehead augmentation:
Forehead – Implant insertion
  1. 1. Preoperative preparation: modeling of implant is proceeded one week in advance.
  2. 2. Incise 2-3cm behind the hairline; scar is invisible after the operation.
  3. 3. Suture the surgical site and cover with compressive bandage.
Forehead – Fat grafting
  1. 1. After general anesthesia, gather some fat of butt, thigh, abdomen with thin tube.
  2. 2. Extract pure and good fat and get rid of impurities with a centrifuge.
  3. 3. Insert the fat from 1 cm behind hairline to near top of nose. Distribute uniformly between bone of forehead and beneath layer of inner skin and set balanced volume to face.

Not only for those who have flat or uneven volumed forehead, implant insertion method are also welcoming those who want to have permanent volume of forehead and dissatisfied with their current forehead shape. While fat grafting is meant to be done by those who have strong repulsion against the implant insertion or desire to add a little more volume to their forehead. 

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Try Korean best face contouring by yourself! This is the first step to get out from your forehead problem!

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