The Best Korean Rhinoplasty, Nostril Reduction

Looking for the best Korean rhinoplasty? Here is the answer!

Having a perfect nose is not only about the straight nose, or a pointed nose tip, isn't it? How about the nostrils? Not many people pay attention to the nostrils, yes, but what if your large or wide appeared nostrils is bothering your appearance? The best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery has the solution. In this case, what you need is a nostril reduction surgery. 

the best korean rhinoplasty wonjin

If dorsal augmentation gives you an attractive nose bridge as well as wide nose bridge, and nose extension gives you a celebrities-like nose as a whole, nostril reduction will give you a small nostril which change your appearance, in this case nose, to be looked more pointed than before. As we all know, wide appeared nostrils can make your nose looks flat eventhough it isn't. 

The best Korean rhinoplasty, nostril reduction is divided into two surgery methods:

the best korean rhinoplasty wonjin
1. Nostril skin reduction
This method is available for all nostril reduction cases, where the skin from the bottom of the nose will be incised in a wedge-shape and sutured. With this nose job method, the scars from the surgery will be hardly visible.

the best korean rhinoplasty wonjin
2. Nostrils tied and pulled together
Unlike the first method, this surgery method is only available and can be done if the bottom of the nostril is wide. How does this method work? Part of the nostril will be removed and will be tied together with a string. With this, the nose tip will be shaped while the nostrils are pulled together.

The key point of this best Korean rhinoplasty, in this case is nostril reduction is the balance, so that it will fit the face shape well. Wonjin also gives their best to make it looks perfectly triangular when seen from the bottom. 

the best korean rhinoplasty wonjin

See the before & after (3 months) photos below!

the best korean rhinoplasty wonjin
Only in 2 hours, you'll get the perfect nostrils for your perfect nose. Where? At the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery.
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