Korean Celebrities Face Contouring Secret, Perfect V-Line

korean celebrities face contouring

Good bye double chin!
Good bye chubby cheeks!!
Good bye square jaw!!!
Good bye protruding mouth and teeth!!!!

Korean celebrities face contouring, one of the most wanted plastic surgery procedure craved by Korean celebrities and women all over the world. 

What is it that makes it a 'must-have' item in term of beauty face?

Korean celebrities face contouring refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin. This V-line face tends to make someone's face look more feminine. A lot of women from all over the world went to Korea to get their jaws shaped into V-line. WHY? Well, it is simply because you can look up to 10 years younger than your real age!! Such a sweet temptation, isn't it? 

To give you a small, pretty facial outline, Wonjin Plastic Surgery provides all kinds of jaw surgery, Korean celebrities face contouring, maxillofacial surgery, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, jawline reduction, jaw lines, and square jaw reduction. 

1) Two Jaw Surgery/ Bimaxillary operation 
Normally someone with an advanced jaw line has their cheekbone protrude as well. In this case, square jaw reduction or cheekbone reduction surgery alone is not enough to provide slimmer face. Meanwhile, Wonjin's Korean celebrities face contouring surgery not only deals with slimming the face contour but also creates slender jaw line for youthful appearance.

2) Corrective Orthodontics
The treatment method is subject to change due to teeth occlusion. When you bite or close your mouth, your upper teeth and lower teeth match correctly then you don't need orthodontics treatment. But if you have a malocclusion, as seen in the picture below, then orthodontic treatment is essential and not optional. 

For fast and convenient orthodontic treatment: Pre surgery and Post Orthodontics 

normal chin vs malocclusion

Good bye two years if bizarre treatment process

existing two jaw surgery method

Here is Wonjin's quick and easy two jaw surgery 

wonjin's quick and easy two jaw surgery

3) Square Jaw Reduction
A square jaw is when the lower jaw's bone size is wide causing your face to look like square. Wonjin Plastic Surgery has new method to correct square jaw by a quick V-line surgery (Square Jaw Behind The Ear/ Quick Square Jaw). This surgery is done by making small incision behind the ear and then reducing the jaw bone. The characteristic of square jaw behind the ear/ quick square jaw are: short duration (around 30 minutes) and faster healing time.
The key of Wonjin's square jaw reduction: Wonjin does not just cut the bone. We actually reduce the thickness of the bone to make the face smaller. Wonjin cuts cortical bone to decrease the volume of bone and muscles, which noticeably also reduces the face width. 

Wonjin's square jaw reduction

before and after sqaure jaw reduction in Wonjin

4) Cheekbone Reduction
Wonjin Plastic Surgery's cheekbone reduction (zygoma reduction) is beyond the existing jaw/chin surgeries. The zygoma is fractured and pushed back, and the fractured zygoma is carefully trimmed and rotated to bring a more natural cheekbone reduction effect. 
The key of Wonjin's 3D cheekbone reduction: Wonjin does not simply make reduction. Wonjin rotates the bones inward so it will enhance 3D effect.

Wonjin 3D cheekbone reduction

before and after cheekbone reduction in wonjin-1

before and after cheekbone reduction in wonjin-2

5) Chin Surgery
Wonjin Plastic Surgery's chin surgery corrects by decreasing or extending the chin length making it possible for you to  get slim V-line face without a major surgery.

chin surgery at wonjin

Wonjin's experienced surgeon will accurately identify the location of each nerves and blood vessels, preventing the side effect of numbness. There might be a numbing feeling immediately after the surgery but this will go away in 2-3 months.

before and after chin surgery in wonjin

6) Forehead Augmentation
Wonjin Plastic Surgery's forehead contouring doesn't only focuses on the middle of the forehead but includes forehead, cheekbone, nose and chin area.

before and after forehead augmentation in Wonjin

Implant VS fat grating
It should be selected according to the patient's forehead condition. Inserting implant is more suitable if the forehead is narrow, flat or rugged. On the other hand, a volumized forehead also can be made by fat grafting or filler.

Before and after korean celebrities face contouring
See the difference >>> Sharper and more defined face!

before and after korean celebrities face contouring-1

before and after korean celebrities face contouring-2

before and after korean celebrities face contouring-3

before and after korean celebrities face contouring-4

* Please be aware that depending on the individual, general complications can arise after surgery including bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc

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