Korean Face Contouring Specialized Hospital, Cheekbone Reduction

People with conspicuous front cheekbone or zygoma (both front and side) sometimes look like a bad people and it must be hard moreover if its female. Thanks to technology, now those people don't have to worry anymore, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the Korean face contouring specialized hospital is here to help with a Korean face contouring procedure called Cheekbone Reduction.

Korean Face Contouring Specialized Hospital

The cheekbone reduction performed at Korean face contouring specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea, expands on existing jaw or chin surgeries. With more than 20 years experience in this field, Wonjin is trusted to do such a surgery not only by local but also overseas patients as well. For the procedure, you would have to rest for a night so you can get the intensive treatment 24 hours as well as the anesthetic problem. As the stitch removal will be done in 14 days after the surgery day, we would also recommend overseas patients to stay minimum 2 weeks in Korea to receive the post-operation treatments.

So who needs this Korean face contouring procedure? As said before, people with conspicuous front cheekbone, side zygoma bone, or front zygoma bone are recommended to. But! Not only that, people who have unbalanced facial contour or dissatisfied with their current facial contour are also welcomed to do this surgery. And last, together with two jaw surgery, lifting, and square jaw reduction, this surgery also helps people with wide face to get a slender facial line. The result? You will get a slick facial line, well defined and smaller face, which also can make you becoming more attractive.

Korean Face Contouring Specialized Hospital

  1. 1. Figure out shape of maxilla and mandible bone and nerve location by taking x-ray
  1. 2. Incise two sites; inside mouth and inside of temporal area
  1. 3. Fracture frontal and back (rear) zygoma bone, then push it inwards: The side zygoma is pushed inwards and the volume of frontal zygoma is maintained, and the frontal face width is reduced.
  1. 4. To prevent bone movement, fixate surgical site with screw. (If you want to avoid screw fixation, please let the doctor/consultant know during the consultation)
  1. 5. Suture with dissolved surgical thread

Korean Face Contouring Specialized Hospital

How the Korean face contouring specialized hospital do the surgery?

The fractured cheekbone is incised up to the fractured length then the cheekbone will be rotated towards the center and will be pushed inward. Cheekbone reduction should maintain the face volume instead of blindly reducing the bones. As to that the understanding and aesthetic sense of the surgeon is highly required. Cheeks may become saggy due to opened cheekbone gaps if the skin are overly exfoliated or the bones are not properly fixed after surgery during the cheekbone surgery. Wonjin, Korean face contouring specialized hospital resolves the problem factors of cheek sagging by firmly fixing the bones at their proper position through revision. Lifting procedure also can be added to improve the elasticity and volume as the soft tissues are stretched together with the saggy cheeks.

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