Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Breast Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital, Breast Augmentation

Do you know, there is a saying that breast plastic surgery is the best to be done during winter? Why? Many people doing breast plastic surgery to have a better beach body to be shown during the summer right? In fact, you need time, around three to six months for the final results of the surgery you've done (almost every procedures) and if you calculate the time, summer minus 6 months, you'll get winter as the answer. So winter is the best time to address your summer body problem, and in this case your breast. And since spring is coming near soon, you might want to consider to have Korean breast plastic surgery as well as Korean body contouring soon!

breast plastic surgery specialized hospital

If male breast surgery is focusing on reducing the 'male breast', then breast plastic surgery for female mostly talking about breast augmentation. Whether it's using implant, fat grafting or even filler, most of women wants to have a bigger and fuller breast than their original. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the breast plastic surgery specialized hospital, is not only focusing on make it bigger but also the shape and the size must be proportional with the body. That's why before the surgery, discussion 1:1 with the doctor specialist is important. They would talk and design the implant together. Yes, a sizer would be used to custom the design directly. A sizer with the right shape and size is very important for a higher satisfaction.

Get to know more about round & teardrop implants as well as dual chamber implants used at Wonjin, the breast plastic surgery specialized hospital and see the before & after photos of Korean breast plastic surgery here.

One of the most important thing about breast augmentation is profiling. Profiling is important to create a beautiful breast which is matching with the body itself. Although the form is similar, the degree and the shape are actually different. For example, the implant 250cc. It can be designed so it looks higher or lower but wider, depends on the body shape and condition, and what the patient needs. There are four types of profiling; Low Profile, Moderate Profile, High Profile, and Extra Profile.

breast plastic surgery specialized hospital

If you feel like want to know more about breast plastic surgery, we'd like to have you connected with the specialist through an online consultation program which can be found at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, breast surgery specialized hospital website.


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