Friday, February 26, 2016

The Best Korean Rhinoplasty for Aquiline Nose Surgery

Have you heard about aquiline nose? Maybe you haven't heard the name but surely you've seen it. An aquiline nose, also called by Roman nose or hook nose, is a human nose with a prominent bridge, giving it appearance of being curved or slightly bent. The word aquiline itself comes from Latin word, Aquilinus (eagle-like), an illusion to the curved beak of an eagle. 

For most of women, hook nose or aquiline nose can make their features look sharp and sometimes called as witch, wicked, etc. (Watch the interview & real story of this 'witch' who turned into a doll). With the technology formed recently, this aquiline nose is not a problem anymore, it can be fixed at the best Korean rhinoplasty hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery. Some said that the bump will grow back, is it true? Not all the time. Sometimes the bone regenerates and a portion of it grows back, BUT if the fracture is correctly done, then it's perfectly preventable.

The Best Korean Rhinoplasty for Aquiline Nose Surgery

Does the bump have to be fractured? Well, unless the bump is only slightly there, fracturing the bone is more effective. It is an exact solution to prevent the bump from growing back though many would feel uncomfortable with fracturing their nasal bone. For aquiline nose, the bone and cartilage are over grown, it needs to be removed and the wide bridge should be made narrow. In this case, what you need is Aquiline Nose Surgery performed at the best Korean rhinoplasty, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea.

An aquiline nose doesn't only have a bump on the bridge but also a protruding nose bridge side, therefore it can't be substituted with implants or filler instead of correcting the bone, or the nose may look bigger and dull.

The Best Korean Rhinoplasty for Aquiline Nose Surgery

The Best Korean Rhinoplasty for Aquiline Nose Surgery

At Wonjin, the best Korean rhinoplasty hospital, we remove the protruding bone and cartilage and reduce the width of nose by fracturing it. Then the nose tip is raised, which adds the finishing touches to a sharp and slim nose. With this aquiline nose surgery, your features will look less sharp with a smooth and even nose line. A thin implant and autologous cartilage is used for the bridge and tip, the curve and drooping nose tip are corrected. And it's safer as the bone is fractured, to fix the source of the bump.

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  1. I was just looking up pictures of aquiline nose, and stumbled across this.

    That is either a complete (completely unattainable) photoshop job, or it's just not the same person, you can tell by the ears, eye shape and slant, mouth, and hairline, and jawline.

    Even if you were trying to suggest that it was a multiple part, full face procedure... things like the basic shape of someone's eyes and complete jawline can not be changed, and the level of inflammation that would come out of a surgery that addressed over 5 areas of the face would not clear up in 3 months.

    I don't know who you think you are kidding with this crap, but it's pretty unethical to post this as if it is Actual surgical results performed on the same woman.