Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Korean Breast Surgery, Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Korean Breast Surgery - Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Are you one of those who want to add volume to your breast but afraid of surgery? How about fat grafting? It's one of non-surgery procedure favored recently. Breast surgery Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea using Stem Cell is the answer then! Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea only uses stem cells that have 6 to 8 times more growth factors than other procedures for increasing the viability of the transplanted tissue and this helps maintain high volume and elasticity. However, people should pay attention as the fat will be absorbed eventually and the volume also could shrink after a while, depends on the individuals.

Unlike the breast augmentation with implant, this method has its limit to a certain size. So it's recommended to be done by a patient who already have a little volume, only to improve size of breast to evenly or improve a certain amount of volume. The viability itself depends on the age and skin type, so the diagnosis should be done before the surgery for a maximum results. And it's really a common case where the patient is going for additional touch-up surgery, 2 or 3 times after.

Although it looks more simple than breast surgery using implants, you should still be careful and need an experienced surgeon to do the procedure. Why? Because if the grafted fat become hard, there maybe be a confusion during breast cancer screening. 

Korean Breast Surgery - Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Wonjin has one-stop procedure to do centrifugal fat separation, extract natural fat by using Celldis equipment which has been approved by both FDA and KFDA. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea promises to give patients effective stem cell fat grafts surgery result with natural voluminous looks only in 15 minutes, with its know-how to divide and enrich cells without any damage or infection to the extracted cells.

Once again, this breast surgery using stem cell fat grafting is recommended for those who already have a little volume of breast but have uneven size, or want to make their breast bigger but afraid of surgery and want to avoid implants. Also for those who have too much unnecessary fat at abdomen or thighs but flat breast, this method is also good to be done. 

Watch the video about woman's concern about Breast Surgery below:

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