The Best Two Jaw Surgery, Essential Skills of Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, known for one of the best two jaw surgery specialized hospital, with its essential two jaw surgery, has cooperative treatment of 40 specialists from 6 different departments stationed. All procedures are done is one hospital so there is no need to travel for both doctors and patients. All procedures are done quicker and cooperated closely, surgery time has shortened approximately by 2 weeks.

The Best Two Jaw Surgery, Essential Skills of Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Korean two jaw surgery is one of a very sensitive and complicated field. Our mandibular bones have tendencies to recover their original state, so there will be a 10% chance pf recurrence if you're not changing up your habits. What it means by treating life habits post surgery is revising the types of consumed food, the way of talking, bad postures, etc.

Not only skill but technology, Wonjin is know for safe Korean two jaw surgery by virtue of our medical professional workforce and up to date device. All Korean two jaw surgery patients are taken care of at ICU for 24 hours post surgery to procure respiratory tract and nerves around mandibular area. Besides, we also have anesthesia, ENT, oral medicine and immediate medical specialist on standby to secure respiratory tract and patient safely.

Many people are complaining that they found it's hard to breath since the airway swells up right after the surgery but depending on the method used in locking up jaw bone, breathing can be effortless. 

The Best Two Jaw Surgery, Essential Skills of Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Existing two jaw surgery were done by locking up upper and lower jaw completely. Bones will stick up together firmly but this method could bring great discomfort in breathing and won't allow mouth to open widely. So Wonjin, launched a new method by partially tying up only two molar teeth which allows patients to tie and untie bands themselves to enable easy breathing and oral movements. It's more hygienic and it advances recovery.

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If the existing surgery method of two jaw surgery followed by corrective orthodontics need at least 1,5 to 2 year in total, at Wonjin only 6 months to a year is needed for both procedure to be completed. This leaded to an incredible result presenting an improvement in appearance and overall process period has shortened by one year.

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