Wonjin Wint Lifting, New Generation of Korean Lifting

We believe that you know what it means by lifting or thread lifting. How about Wint Lifting? It's one of types of lifting available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea. Wonjin Wint Lifting uses special medical thread that has been approved by both MFDS and FDA for the first time in Korea. Wonjin Wint Lifting uses advanced melting thread from Mint Lifting that fills in saggy cheeks and deep wrinkles to improve elasticity on whole face. It's a high elasticity lifting thread which improves droopy skins on cheek area and also wrinkled face with anti-aging effect all at once. You can only experience Wonjin Wint Lifting's efficacy at Wonjin Lifting Specialized Center.

It's a Superb Thread!
A combination of patented skill and elasticity which is effective and has strong lifting results with molding method of 360 degrees hooks on patented lifting PDO thread.

It's a Strong Thread!
Just like mentioned before, Wonjin Wint Lifting is using 0.4mm special molding method customized thread has fixed thickness which is hard to be broken that maintains up to 2 years effect.

It's a Simple Thread!
The material of Mint Lifting and Wint Lifting is thread that was approved by both MFDS and FDA in Korea for the first time. This thread will dissolve naturally which is very safe and has no side effects.

Wonjin Wint Lifting has another effects other than improving wrinkles and pulling up saggy skin. It also help to regenerate skin elasticity by generating collagen and elastin, also brightening the skin tone by PDO thread insertion and inducing blood circulation. And the most important is that Wonjin Wint Lifting helps to pull up drooped jaw wrinkles to improve the elasticity of jaw and face line, so you'll get kind of V-line effect as well.

And as the 4th generation of lifting thread, the thread used for Wonjin Wint Lifting has been showing the most stable and strong effect of lifting. Unlike the common thread which only helped to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity, it has another effects like lifting deep wrinkle improvement, V-line effect, skin regeneration, also skin elasticity improvement. Its characteristic is a molding thread with 360 degree hooks while the other threads were just a thin thread or tornado shaped thread.

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