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Korean Plastic Surgery For Wide Space Between Eyes

As we know already, there are a lot of Korean plastic surgery method that performed depends on every patient's needs and condition. Same as cases of eye plastic surgery. There are different methods for thick and thin eyelid type, sleepy eyes, asymmetric eyelid, slanted eyes, eyes with wide space, and short eye width.

Korean Plastic Surgery For Wide Space Between Eyes

Asians are known for having wide space between eyes case the most. The reason is that because of the Mongolian fold in front of eyes. In this kind of cases, Epicanthoplasty may help by opening the Mongolian fold (inner side of eyes). But if the condition is more complex due to eyelid skin covering pupil too much or if the cause is not because of the Mongolian Fold, then the exact cause must be diagnosed first. It'll help to choose either Ptosis Correction or Double Eyelid Surgery that should be done in addition with Epicanthoplasty to get beautiful and well-balanced eyes. 

The method itself  only needs 30 minutes to be done without hospitalization needed, and stitch removal will be done after 5 to 7 days after the surgery. Once again, Korean plastic surgery not only about makes people more beautiful / handsome but it concerns a lot about the balance of the whole appearance. So even though the case of having wide space between eyes can be simply corrected by Epicanthoplasty, detailed examination and diagnosis, also consultation with the specialist are needed for certain procedure based on one's case.

Our doctor specialist would check patient's skin thickness, amount of fat, muscle on eyelid etc before they can plan customized surgery for each patient. Korean plastic surgery hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea would consider individual's eye shape and desire to design an ideal double eyelid line, shape and height. During the surgery, incision of skin will be done by considering ideal degree and direction. The conjunctiva is not removed thus the incised area doesn't get reattached later. After that, a clean and delicate suturing at the area is done to minimize the visible scar. Again, more dramatic and satisfying result can be achieved if it's done together with Ptosis Correction or Double Eyelid Surgery, depends on individual's needs. 

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Korean Plastic Surgery For Wide Space Between Eyes

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