Korean Plastic Surgery, Wide Nose Correction Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is not always about inserting implant so we can have higher or pointed nose. Sometimes wide nostril or wide nose bridge can be the reason why we want to do rhinoplasty. If wide nostril can be fixed with nostril reduction, then wide nose bridge also can be fixed with wide nose bridge correction. 

A nose bridge can appear wide due to thick skin causing a wide nose appearance. This Korean plastic surgery procedure is done to push the nasal bone toward the center, creating a sharp and slim nose bridge.

Korean Plastic Surgery, Wide Nose Correction Surgery

To create sharp and slim nose bridge, we have to know the standard or ideal ratio of perfect nose bridge. The nose bridge line starts from the inner eyebrow line and extends to the nose tip. This line should be visible to a certain degree. Ideal diameter for this line should be around 13mm for men and 10mm for women.

Unlike short nose, a nose with wide nose bridge cannot simply be corrected by raising the nose bridge. One of the reason is that if you're only raising the nose bridge, it will make your face appear unbalanced or manly. The nose bridge line and thickness must be considered carefully before the surgery. 

Korean Plastic Surgery, Wide Nose Correction SurgeryThis Korean plastic surgery will fracture the outermost point of nasal bone and push towards the center to create a slimmer nose bridge. In case of a low nose bridge, an implant (Silicone or Gore-tex) can be used to create a sharp and refined image.

Then, which one is better, silicone or gore-tex? Both implants used for Korean plastic surgery, are safe and natural. However, silicone is separate from the tissue so it is more easily removed if you're having revision surgery in the future. Gore-tex is softer than silicone though, so it is effective for people with thin skin, but it is difficult to remove during the revision surgery because it's attached to the tissue. Both implants have their own advantages and disadvantages, so a proper examination and consultation with the specialists are very important before choosing which implants to be used.

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