Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea LTE Result With LTE V-Line

If you wish to have a V-line shaped face but you avoid surgery or afraid of surgery, then this Korean famous lifting procedure called LTE V-Line. What is LTE V-Line? LTE V-Line is a type of anti-aging treatment, that has an excellent collaborated lifting effect of Aptos thread and melting thread for collagen regeneration that is simple and quick skin elasticity restoration. It maintains the healthy skin for long time as it increases collagen regeneration with melting thread.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea LTE Result WIth LTE V-Line

LTE V-Line is good for those who wish to have quick V-Line or slim face without surgery or just improving wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity. Also for people who are a bit older, you can also do this surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, to remove smile line and droopy skin on cheek. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea LTE Result WIth LTE V-LineBut why it has to be LTE V-Line? Aren't there many types of lifting available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea? Wonjin LTE V-Line, just like its name, what pops out in your mind if you hear 'LTE'? Speed! Yes, this LTE V-Line will give you lifting effect for younger appearance in short period! The treatment time is drastically shortened with instant effect compared to general lifting treatment. Besides the short treatment time, the recovery is also quick and has no scar. The thread is inserted with not even 1mm incision which is not visible and the result is naturally good for returning back to daily life right after the treatment!

The bi-direction hook of LTE V-Line thread improves both elasticity and volume at the same time. Customized lifting using bi-direction hooked thread allows effective pull up to the saggy skins and creates charming volume for rejuvenation effects.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, V-Line appears by pulling the saggy skin inside the layer by pulling up with bi-direction hooks. Also on the midpoint of bi-direction the skin tissues gather and create natural volume of baby face.  If general lifting incision method for both sides was needed for balanced look, not with LTE V-Line. LTE V-Line bi-direction hooks are dispersed, it can be injected from one side only with almost no scar.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea LTE Result WIth LTE V-Line

Unlike general lifting, LTE V-Line procedure at Wonjin Plastic Surgery has more complex and detailed areas, from face to body. As mentioned before, the procedure only needs about 20 to 30 minutes to be done which is much shorter than general lifting which needs around 2 to 3 hours! And the most important thing for ladies, face wash and make-up is allowed to be done just right after the treatment. 

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