A Guide For Foreigners to Have Plastic Surgery in Korea

"Plastic surgery in Korea is scary", "What if plastic surgery in Korea goes wrong?", "Are you sure it's safe?", blablabla

Wish to have a make over of yourself but still not sure because of this and that? It's time for you to come to Korea, look and hear all the explanation from the specialist about your worry then! Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, located at Gangnam, Seoul, Korea is one of the biggest Korean plastic surgery clinic which has more than 20 years in the field with more than 40 specialist which is divided into 6 departments. 6 departments in Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea works together in combination to plan and aim the best result for a safe Korean plastic surgery.

Worry about the language? It's a big no no! You don't have to worry about the language because Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea provides translations and interpreters in several language such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Russian. And for those who are not living in Korea, an online consultation is available where you can get some information about the surgical methods, also the estimated prices of the suggested procedures. The online consultation can be done through chat, email or telephone. (For Indonesian, please register HERE

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When you decide to come to Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, you can make a reservation with the person in charge of your consultation to have a face to face consultation in our clinic. A reservation would be need so you can just come at the day on time to get the consultation without have to wait for a long time. While making the reservation please inform your flight details and schedules of your stay in Korea so that we can plan the consultation and surgery schedule. To get online consultation or make the reservation, you can find us on FACEBOOK feel free to email us at wonjinbeautyglobal@gmail.com and our staff will contact you back as soon as possible. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, located at Gangnam, can be easily found as it's located between Gangnam Station (line 2) and Sinnonhyeon Station (line 9). You can try to find Pagoda Tower and come to the 17th floor for the consultation. A professional consultant will welcome you to give more details of the surgery, and you'll see the doctors in charge for each type of surgery. The doctor or the surgeon will explain the surgical method with all information might be needed. Please make sure you tell everything important about your physical condition while having consultation with the doctors. After you decide to do the surgery, payment can be made by cash or credit card.

A complete medical examination will be taken for your safety before the surgery. The surgery will be done upon the patients' condition and right after the surgery, an after care treatment will be provided based on your needs. For some procedure, you might need to be hospitalized for about a day before you're allowed to go home. And some visits might be needed to have the stitch removed and another after care treatment. It can be different for each patients though.

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