Choose Your Customized Lifting at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

As people aging, it's not that only our age is increasing but our body will also changing. It's normal that our skin will be sagging, and wrinkles appear. Wrinkles is created when hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen is decreased. And yes, wrinkles appeared to everyone, don't be afraid about it, but if we can do something with it, why not? It is possible to slow it down with the suitable treatment at appropriate period. Where? At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group! Let's know more about wrinkles and its treatment, from injection to lifting which has become one of the top treatment presents by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.

Choose Your Customized Lifting at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Well, actually, there are some types of wrinkles itself. First is face expression wrinkle which is including wrinkles on eye line, smile line, forehead or mouth area. It's a wrinkle that appears simply because of our face expression such as smiling or frowning that make face muscle contraction. Also there is one called gravity wrinkles, which is applies equally to everyone. This makes wrinkles on chin line, mouth area and eyelid. Last, would be orthostatic wrinkle. The saggy skin makes overlapping areas and it appears around neck and below chin.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group provides many types of wrinkle treatments such as lifting or injection, which can be combined for the best result, depends on the cause of the wrinkle itself. So, what does cause wrinkle to appear? As said before, it's normal for wrinkle to appear as we get older, the skin will naturally reduces its elasticity. Decreased production of natural oil on face makes our skin dry. Also the UV rays destroy collagen and elastin which are important thing to maintain elasticity. And, do you know that your sleeping habit can create wrinkle as well? Sleeping on one side or sleep with head facing down also can accelerate the aging process which contributes wrinkle on jaw line.

For wrinkles treatments, one of the most chosen procedure is lifting. There are also so many types of lifting, based on its thread material, its area, or even its method (with thread or laser, incision or non-incision, etc. And the common one is called by Thread Lifting. 

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Choose Your Customized Lifting at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Thread Lifting at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is using PDO thread to be inserted into the skin for skin elasticity and whitening effect. The thread is approved by KFDA so it is safe to be used. Unlike other procedures, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's Thread Lifting allows you to return to your daily activity soon since the bruising and swelling are minimized but still has longer lasting effect.

When the thread is inserted to the skin, the tissues will get damaged. But in the process of tissue recovery, more cells are regenerated, which will help to improve the elasticity of skin. The number of threads and direction are divided by age to provide customized treatment for each age group.

For people in their 20s, they more focus on maintaining the skin elasticity and slow down the wrinkles appearance. It'll be focused on V-line effect, improving skin tone, removing the double chin or saggy arms also calf muscle. While they, who are in their 30s, will be focused on taking care of glabella or smie line wrinkles and gaining more skin elasticity. 

Choose Your Customized Lifting at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Usually people in their 40s are the ones who visit beauty clinic, to get treatment for their skin, including Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, located at Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. They usually do the deep wrinkle care which includes treatment for forehead wrinkle, saggy areas (cheeks, eyebrows, breast, etc) also smile wrinkle improvement. And pople in their 50s or above, they are focused on getting treatment for saggy parts, especially lower cheek or neck.

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