Exclusive Face Contouring Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea

More and more people are interested at doing plastic surgery in Korea these days. If before they would do either eye plastic surgery or nose plastic surgery only, as time goes by they start to think about getting face contouring surgery. Face contouring surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgery in Korea and what's important is that the clinic must be equipped with systematized response system in case of emergency as well as the medical devices for patients' safety and satisfaction. 

Exclusive Face Contouring Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea

That's what makes Wonjin Plastic Surgery is different with others as Wonjin Plastic Surgery has its own exclusive face contouring system, which equipped with both high technology medical service also the best face contouring plastic surgeons. Face contouring plastic surgeons work as a team for more than 20 years already. Besides, Wonjin Plastic Surgery also uses 3D-CT for surgery plan so an accurate and precise analysis could be done prior to the surgery. 

What's included on Wonjin Plastic Surgery face contouring surgery? First would be Cheekbone Reduction Surgery. There are a lot of people with protruding face wants to have a slim and slender V-line. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the most protruding point on the side of cheekbone will be pin pointed based on 3D-CT shooting to find the incision line for the Cheekbone Reduction Surgery. There is also Square Jaw Reduction Surgery. This surgery is kind of popular among Koreans. Square Jaw Reduction Surgery doesn't only reduce the square jaw but also finds out the best reduction point on mandibular bone for the most effective reduction and satisfaction. 

The third one would be Front Chin Reduction Surgery. Just like the other face contouring surgeries, Front Chin Reduction Surgery also needs a sophisticated skill of plastic surgeon. T shaped excision of bone will be done based on the analysis result, no matter how high the nerve line sits on the bone. Only three? NO! But three of them are the basic surgery and the most done face contouring plastic surgery in Korea. Beside three of them, there are also Forehead Augmentation or Paranasal Augmentation. 

Exclusive Face Contouring Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea

For the case of jutting chin, long face, asymmetric face or protruded mouth, more medical examinations are need to know exactly what causes the case so a customized surgery plan could be made based on the examination result for each people. Yes, we can't just say 'oh you need this surgery', or 'she needs this and that surgeries' without have them examined first. Just like anesthesia, a customized anesthesia would be planned, depends on the patients' condition. 6 professional anesthesiologists reside to be fully ready for one on one anesthesia system from beginning of surgery. Also there are more than 50 different types of test will be done at Pathology Department to secure patients' health data to plan the surgery scientifically.

Watch the video, one of the real experience of having face contouring plastic surgery in Korea, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery:

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