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Wonjin Plastic Surgery Real Solution For Short Chin

Many people will only thinking about their nose or eyes to make a better look on their face, how about chin? Do you know that the shape of our front chin determines the overall look of your face? For example, if you have wide front chin, it will make your jaw looks angular and when the wide front chin is cut into a T-shape, a slimmer V-line shaped face can be achieved.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Real Solution For Short Chin

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korean face contouring surgery. If wide front chin can be fixed by cutting the bone, then how about short chin? Short chin is a condition when front chin is not protruded enough so the balance of forehead - nose - lip - chin is not good. This condition may give an unnatural and unsophisticated look, so a chin surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery can be an alternative to get rid of short chin complex.

Tips to know if you have short chin or not! (Self check-up for Short Chin)
1. Check if you have short length chin compared to forehead and nose on front view
2. Check if the line from lips to the tip of chin is not straight on side view
3. Try to remember if anyone told you that you look not confident
4.  Try to close your mouth, see if you have a hard time closing your mouth and your gum is exposed a lot

There are some methods can be done at Wonjin Plastic Surgery to fix short chin. A further consultation with the surgeon will be needed in order to choose which method suits your condition the best before the surgery. For those with short or small chin only, a genioplasty, implant or fat graft might be enough without orthodontics but those with short chin and malocclusion or mouth protrusion, two jaw surgery and orthodontics might be needed.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Real Solution For Short Chin

For those with no chin case like the person above, Wonjin Plastic Surgery suggests having osteotomy in jaw bones and advancing forward for chin bone re-position will be very effective. While those who doesn't have much chin bone structured, and extension of bone is too hard for them to do, inserting implant might be the best solution as it will give them a good effect, just like the person below. Again, a consultation before deciding surgical method is important to be done as every methods will result different effects.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Real Solution For Short Chin

For genioplasty, it's performed on patients with normal occlusion but have short or small chin. The front side of lower chin is amputated horizontally and fixed at the new site. This surgery can change the tip of chin without implants. 

There is also a procedure called Front Chin Bone Grafting to add the length of chin. Although to add the chin length can be simply done with implant insertion or fat grafting, chin surgery using implants or fat graft might not resulting the best effects compared to bone surgery. Chin surgery with bone transplant surgery is usually done together with square jaw surgery and this surgery needs a highly sophisticated sculpturing skill. The bone that has been cut during the square jaw surgery is trimmed and transplanted to the front chin to add the length of front chin.

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