Wonjin Plastic Surgery Two Jaw Surgery Specialized System

Known as Korean two jaw surgery specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery provides the best one-stop beauty service for its patients, which is now going beyond Korea to be the number 1 in Asia. Wonjin Plastic Surgery two jaw surgery specialized system is not only that we plan the surgery customized for each patients but all the medical staffs including doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, etc are being with you, from the very beginning till the very end of treatment, which doesn't just end like that after the surgery is done. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Two Jaw Surgery Specialized System

Through rich experience and know how of more than 20 years experience, Wonjin Plastic Surgery accurately make a diagnosis through a cooperative treatment system of the surgeons. Yes, two jaw surgery done at Wonjin Plastic Surgery are done in cooperated to establish a systematical surgery plan. One surgeon does everything? NO! Every single step during the two jaw surgery process, are done by the specialist in each field. Anesthesia Department is responsible for the customized anesthetic method for the patients. Plastic Surgery Department is responsible for the aesthetic improvement. And since it's two jaw surgery, there are also Maxillofacial Surgery Department (collaborating with Dental Department) which has responsibility for functional improvement and also Orthodontic Department (also collaborating with Dental Department) which is responsible for the correction after the surgery.

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Wonjin Plastic Surgery also prepares for the emergency situations by establishing two jaw surgery specialized care unit to monitor patients 24 hours after the surgery. The physiological condition of patients are monitored in real time; EKG, respiration, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and also the body temperature of the patient. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Two Jaw Surgery Specialized SystemWonjin Plastic Surgery Two Jaw Surgery Specialized System

Central controlling of the patients' vital signs at the operation room and ICU also prepared as well as BAIR HUGGER. What is BAIR HUGGER? It's a body temperature maintainer, which is equipped to prevent side effects such as hypothermia during long surgery. This equipment also used to maximize the patients' safe post operative recovery. Wonjin Plastic Surgery also equipped with an independent power plant system which is used to provide a stable power supply during the surgery in case of blackouts and similar power shortages.

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