3 Days Recovery Program After Face Contouring Surgery

After doing plastic surgery in Korea, in this case, face contouring, will your face automatically turn into the face shape you want? No! An after care is needed to help you get the best result after face contouring surgery. Here at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, one of the Korean best face contouring hospital, we provides you complete after care treatments after the surgery.

It's true that the surgery itself is the most important to create the best result of face contouring surgery. But the after care treatments are also important to be properly done. Yes, both incision or non-incision face contouring surgery needs it. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is providing what we called by '3 Days Recovery Program' for face contouring patients. The program is about focusing on after care treatment to reduce swelling faster, and of course help yourself to adapt well with your new looks. 

Through this program, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is focusing on your recovery treatments which is divided into 3 parts. The first part will be done on the day right after you did the surgery, while the second and third part will be done the day after and the next day after, 3 days in total. What kind of after care treatments provided by Wonjin Plastic Surgery for '3 Days Recovery Program'? 

3 Days Recovery Program After Face Contouring Surgery

So if you did all the treatments after the face contouring surgery, you don't need to do anything to recover anymore? Yes! The treatments given by Wonjin Plastic Surgery is enough to get you faster recovery but of course there are some rules that you have to follow after the surgery, if you want to get even a faster recovery. For face contouring patients, since it's hard to move your jaw, mouth, etc, you will have no ingestion food for a day after the surgery and you need to consume food in liquid form such as porridge, juice, milk, etc. And for the first 3 to 4 days after the surgery, a pressure band has to be worn, and to get rid the swelling, it's recommended to sleep on several soft pillows.

Hot or cold pack (mask) also need to be applied to reduce swelling faster though so don't be lazy to apply them. Regular food ingestion is allowed after 14 days or 2 weeks passed from the day of the surgery but still, soft food is the most recommended food for this period. At this time, you'll also be allowed to brush your teeth! Harder food or chewy food might be consumed 4 weeks after the surgery, including smoking or drinking alcohol. And for the first 3 months, it's recommended to avoid extreme sports.

Please note that every person, every case, can be different on effect and recovery period. For most of plastic surgery cases, 1 to 3 months are required until all the swelling reduced and it needs 3 to 6 months until the real result can be seen clearly. But who knows if you can have shorter period of recovery? 

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