What Can Wonjin Plastic Surgery Does to Get Rid of Dark Circle?

Dark circle is one of the most appearing eye problems, and people believe that dark circle appears because you feel tired or have less sleep but no, dark circle is not only appearing because of your life cycle. Genetic reason, cleansing problem, etc also can be the reason why dark circle appears on your under eye. Is it good? Of course not. Dark circle will make you always look tired and what worse, it will make you look even older than your actual age. Therefore a proper treatment would be recommended to get rid the dark circle.

Before talking about the treatment to get rid of dark circle, or what is known as panda eyes, we have to know several types of dark circle. There are 3 types of dark circle:

1. Dark circle due to fat under eye - this type of dark circle appears under eye because of fat protrusion or sunken under eye. In this case, the shadow makes the dark circle more prominent and uneven. 
2. Dark circle due to pigmentation - this dark circle is made because of the darkening under eye skin color, which is caused by melanin pigmentation or dermatitis. 
3. Dark circle due to blood vessel - this dark circle appears under eye because of under eye muscle or vein showing on skin, so the colors are usually black or sometimes purple.

What Can You Do to Get Rid Of Dark Circle?What Can You Do to Get Rid Of Dark Circle?What Can You Do to Get Rid Of Dark Circle?
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Then what can you do to get rid of dark circle? Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has the solution for all type of dark circle. Of course the treatment are tend to be different based on every cases. For case of dark circle due to fat under eye, a fat correction surgery is needed, either to remove (eye bag removal surgery) or re-position (love band surgery) the fat, including lower blepharoplasty. Meanwhile for the case which is caused by pigmentation, a repetitive treatment of pigment laser and whitening treatment is required to alleviate the darkening pigment to provide whitening effect. Last, for the the case of dark circle due to the blood vessel, dark circle can be improved through blood vessel lightening laser or Panda Injection.

Panda Injection? 
Yes. Panda Injection at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is an effective method to alleviate dark circle due to under eye blood vessel which has natural ingredients to lighten and strengthen the extended blood vessel around the eye. With this treatment at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, you can achieve younger appearance, with stronger blood vessel and less fine wrinkle.

You don't even need make-up anymore to brighten your under eye, as you will look fresh even without make-up. Various nutrients contains in Panda Injection, alleviate both dark circle and fine wrinkle even provide skin elasticity at the same time by inducing cell regeneration and muscle contraction. Panda Injection at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group also requires no recovery time compared if you had dark circle removal surgery. It won't cause any bruising or swelling after the treatment and it means you can go back to your daily activity right away. The effect itself will be seen approximately after 3 to 5 times of treatment.

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