Korea Nose Surgery, Why Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

Korea rhinoplasty or nose surgery has been one of the top 3, chosen by people all over the world as the most wanted plastic surgery to be done along with eyelid surgery (mostly double eyelid surgery) and facial plastic surgery (or called as face contouring surgery). But what is the reason they decide to do nose surgery, how to choose plastic surgery hospital to do nose surgery, and where is the nose surgery specialist hospital in Korea?

Korea Nose Surgery, Why Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

Most people would say aesthetic problem is the biggest reason why they do plastic surgery in Korea, including nose surgery. But that is not the only reason! Beside aesthetic problem, one of the reason is the functional reason, especially for nose surgery or jaw surgery. yes, the structure and appearance of nose and jaw is only one primary factor for facial beauty but the functional roles are also important. In case of nose surgery, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, a collaborative teamwork between plastic surgery department and ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) department is important for the best surgical outcomes.

The height of nose is important but it cannot be the standard of a beautiful nose. An overall harmony of natural and smooth facial line from forehead, nose, lips to front chin is the most important. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the main focus is to design the implants and autologous cartilage as natural as it can be, customized for each patients so it can fit the patients' face as well as possible. The width and shape is designed to fit the nasal bridge so it will look natural.

Then why Wonjin Plastic Surgery for nose surgery in Korea? Have you heard about 3S Premium Nose Surgery? 3S Premium Nose Surgery is a nose surgery with 3 most important aspects as the advantages. High Speed, No Scar, and Nice Shape! With ultra soft silicon, Wonjin Plastic Surgery creates you a natural nose with Speedy recovery, less Scar, and luxury nose Shape. What's better? The newest 3S Premium Nose Job, which is will be done by the head representative director of Wonjin Plastic Surgery, dr. Wonjin Park himself! 

Nose surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery also can fulfill patients' desires and preferences, and by using 3D scanners and CAD medical devices, beauty can be individually re-defined. Take a look at one of the transformation video, before and after plastic surgery in Korea including nose surgery below.

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