Wonjin Cosmetic, Permanent Make-Up For You

Do you feel lazy to wake up early in the morning only to wear make-up everyday? Then how about those who wants to wear make-up but have allergic or sensitive skin to cosmetics? Now you don't have to worry anymore as there is a way to get out from these problems, called Medinent. What is Medinent and where to find it?

Wonjin Cosmetic, Permanent Make-Up For You

Medinent is from Medical and Permanent, a professional method that performs both Permanent Cosmetic Make-up (PCM) for beauty and Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC) which helps treatment of diseases or symptoms improvement. Is it safe to be done? Yes it is. Medinent is using a natural pigments accredited. This pigmentation is a natural pigmentation which was originally used to bring back cancer patients or burn patients their confidence. 

As stated, Medinent at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is a procedure that inserts pigments into the outer layer of skin and can be divided into two categories, Permanent Cosmetic Make-up (PCM) and Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC). PMC is also known as semi permanent make-up, as it creates effects of having make-up on. The pigments inserted will in time, clear out, and in two to three years, it will naturally disappear and remain semi permanent. Eyebrow, eye line, lip line, and hair line is the most commonly done PCM at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, though Medinent is trying to expand its field by fixing faulty semi permanent make-up, modifying tattoos, removing scars, etc.

PCM is recommended for those who:
1. Have allergies or sensitive skin to cosmetics
2. Feel like it's inconvenient to put on make-up everyday or gets erased easily because of sweating
3. Enjoy swimming or exercising
4. Feel themselves are not skilled in putting on make-up
5. Had tattoo from the past but are not satisfied or tattoo has become discolored
6. Have large forehead or M shaped hair line
7. Have dark colored or too faint areolas

Then how about CPC? CPC at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is kind of similar to PCM except CPC is done not for aesthetic purpose but for revising skin pigments, treating diseases and reforming symptoms. It usually used to treat scars, burns, stretch marks, leukoplakia, baldness or areolar reconstruction.

CPC is recommended for those who:
1. Got stretch marks from sudden increase weight or height, and child birth
2. Are stressed from conspicuous scars or burn scars
3. Need areola reconstruction due to injury or cancer treatment
4. Have partial baldness and would like an abundant amount of hair but feel that receiving a hair transplant is burdensome

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, Medinent is using a professional digital procedural device to consistently insert pigments into outer layer of skin so it avoids discoloration from bleeding, stimulation, skin damage and scarring. Most people are afraid of those side effects right? No. You don't have to worry. There are also a smooth vibrating feelings you will experience during the procedure to give more comfortable experience.

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