Self Two Jaw Surgery For Better Recovery After Surgery

Maybe you have read somewhere saying that Korea plastic surgery, especially two jaw surgery and face contouring is hard and painful, right? Well, the swelling of airway right after the surgery can cause breath difficulty but do you know that it all depends on the fixation method? Yes, depending the fixation method, you might can breathe with no difficulty at all.

Basically, the patients are given the options of fixation or non-fixation methods after having Korea two jaw surgery. Originally there was only complete fixation method where upper and lower jaws were completely fixed after the surgery. The bone will be safely put together. Yes, it is safe but this method will make patients feel really uncomfortable since it's difficult to open mouth and breath.

For non-fixation method, it was the way more comfortable as upper and lower jaws are not tied together. The recovery is also more comfortable but there is a high chance that the bones will not put together properly. 

Like that, Wonjin Plastic Surgery was looking for a solution so patients can recover safely but feel comfortable. And here is more information about two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery fixation method which will allow you to breath comfortably, called Self Fixation Method. With this method, only molar areas are partially fixed. Patients would be able to tie and untie the band so they can breathe, talking, and eating more comfortably. Plus, with Self Fixation Method of two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, inside mouth can be maintained cleaner and make the recovery period shortened.

Self Two Jaw Surgery For Better Recovery After Surgery

Self Fixation Method of two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery seems simple but it is only possible to be done if the bone was accurately fixed during the two jaw surgery, so a know how and excellent skill of the plastic surgeon to make an accurate fixation of bone is the key of the method.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery will always try its best to give the best for the patients including exclusive system of two jaw surgery, services in taking care of patients and after care packages after the surgery is done. The packages will be customizedly planned based on patients condition and needs so they can recover faster.

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