Reasons and Advantages Why You Should Do Multi Liposuction

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is aiming to reduce stretch marks and remove the droopy skin which is usually a result from giving birth. During the procedure, the fat and excess skin will be removed through liposuction. 

Reasons and Advantages Why You Should Do Multi Liposuction Wonjin

Liposuction is basically removing the undesired fat on body and there are a lot of type of liposuction available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, including the traditional one, laser liposuction, and ultrasound. 

Many people know about the traditional liposuction already but laser liposuction, high frequency waves, ultrasonic, etc, or what we usually called by Multi Liposuction. And here are the advantages of Multi Liposuction procedures available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

Accusculpt is a procedure to sculpt the adipose-tissue on thin and saggy areas, using a micro cannula to inject 1444nm wavelength and it will melt your fats. The procedure is not only for body parts but also used for face.
  • Able to achieve V-line by melting the fat cell
  • Able to promote skin elasticity by generating the collagen
  • Able to achieve both liposuction and lifting effect
  • Minimized the damages on fat and other tissues
  • U.S. FDA approved laser procedure
  • Less swelling and bruising by using the cannula thin as a needle
  • Less pain with local anesthesia
  • Short procedure time within 30 minutes
  • Able to return to daily activities right after the procedure

Body Jet (Water Jet)
It's a liposuction procedure using water at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. It removes fat cell by separating blood vessel and nerve with precise water injection, which applies on each and every tissues. Water Jet helps to remove fats mostly on body parts like abdomen, arm, back, thigh, calf, breast (for breast reduction or male breast surgery) and hip.
  • Minimize side effects by decomposing the fat with natural power of water
  • Able to select the fat through endoscopic surgery without damaging the nerve
  • Less bruising and swelling with minimal incision
  • Fast and accurate compare to previous liposuction surgery
  • Less pain with local anesthesia

Body Tite
Body Tite Liposuction allows fat melting, liposuction, skin elasticity, cellulite reduction at once, through a single procedure by using high frequency liposuction machine, operates through internal and external electrode.
  • Able to achieve both liposuction and skin elasticity improvement with a single procedure
  • Improves saggy skin effectively
  • Fast recovery, minimal bruising, edema, and bleeding after surgery through precise procedure
  • Many different body parts can be all treated at once (arm, abdomen, thigh, hip, etc.)
  • Minimal scar through micro high frequency
  • Less pain with local anesthesia

Ultra Z
It is a method using ultrasonic energy to melt only adipocytes without damaging the blood vessels, nerves, or other tissues. It will change a solid fat into liquid, and when the liquid fat comes out of the cell, it will be absorbed into our body and get excreted. 
  • The fat gets removed by melting so the skin does not get bumpy
  • It is effective on the areas where the liposuction was difficult with previous surgical method
  • Minimal bruising, scar, and bleeding through micro cannula
  • Fast procedure and recovery time
  • Less pain with local anesthesia

Erchonia at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is a method of liposuction that melts fat gently by laser and extract it through a thin tube. 
  • Effective liposuction on almost all areas
  • Able to perform precise liposuction after gently melting the fat with laser
  • Able to extract a lot of fat through less bleeding during the surgery
  • Minimal bruise, scar, and pain through micro cannula
  • Less pain with local anesthesia

SL Laser
SL Laser is a method that destroys fat cells by making a hole in cell membrane of fat cells, by direct injecting of optical fiber laser on subcutaneous layer. 
  • It is effective for the areas where the liposuction was difficult with previous surgical method
  • Able to perform precise correction by melting the fat on desired areas
  • Surgery time is only about 20-30 minutes without liposuction procedure
  • Promotes tightening result by effecting the skin fiber during the procedure
  • Less bleeding, bruising, and swelling than liposuction
  • Surgery time is short as 20-30 minutes
  • Able to return to everyday activity immediately
  • Less pain with local anesthesia

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So besides the traditional liposuction, there are a lot of alternative ways to be done, especially for the patients who are afraid of liposuction procedure. Is it cheaper than liposuction? Maybe. It depends on your body condition though and it can be a single laser procedure or maybe combination of two or more. For this matter, discussion and consultation with the plastic surgeon before the surgery is always the best choice.

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