Friday, February 24, 2017

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Special Care For Breast Plastic Surgery

People would like to go to the best Korean breast plastic surgery to have breast plastic surgery right? What are the important things to be considered to choose the best one? Here are some tips how to choose the best Korean breast plastic surgery clinic.

First of course you have to consider if the clinic has experienced plastic surgeon to do your surgery. You don't want to get your surgery done just by anyone right? Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has more than 40 plastic surgeons with more than 20 years experiences, and with their know how, maximum results can be reached. 

Another important point is the materials used for breast plastic surgery. The implants used, either it's round, teardrop or even Motiva premium breast implant, it has to be safe and approved by FDA and KFDA for patients' safety. Only a luxury and premium breast implants are used at Wonjin Plastic Surgery and it has been approved. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery also provides more than 50 medical examinations that will be performed to scientifically analyze the patient’s condition and body type. With the result, 1:1 customized surgery plan will be established. Of course you have to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon first. The consultation will be done based on the consultation record with the consultant. At this time, type of implant, size and surgical method will be decided.

The best Korean breast plastic surgery clinic also needs to provide aftercare treatment which is planned customizedly based on each patients' condition. Don't worry because Wonjin Plastic Surgery with its exclusive breast plastic surgery care treatment will provide all things for you.

Here are 3 steps of breast plastic surgery post sensation care to prevent capsular contracture and to relieve pain, provided by Wonjin Plastic Surgery:

- Multi Ultrasonic Face Exclusive For Breasts 
It activates the lympathic circulation which eliminates the bruising and swelling quickly. Also, it removes the possibility of inflammation around the implant at an early stage and icnreases the blood circulation to prevent the capsular contracture. 

- Infrared Rays Treatment 
By activating the blood circulation, it increases the regeneration ability and drastically reduces the pain. 

- High Frequency and Lymph Massage 
By activating the blood circulation, it reduces swelling and minimizes the recovery period which ultimately increases the breast line elasticity.

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