Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Korean Two Jaw Surgery, Is It Safe?

"Korean Two Jaw Surgery, is it safe?" many people are questioning themselves this question before finally decided to do the surgery. That's a normal question and we believe that everyone think of it.

Korean Two Jaw Surgery, Is It Safe?

Beside that question, the other question mostly asked is "What if the Korean Two Jaw Surgery goes wrong?" and we ask you back, do you really need Korean Two Jaw Surgery? Is it the right procedure for you?

Nowadays, as technology improves day by day, there are also various procedures of plastic surgery, including Korean Two Jaw Surgery and Face Contouring. And not all of them are suitable for your case and condition! For this matter, having a consultation with your plastic surgeon after consultation with the consultant might help to choose better procedure based on your medical examination result. 

But again, is it safe? Since long time ago till now, the risk of Korean Two Jaw Surgery has been always a hot issue. However, an accurate diagnosis and suitable surgery procedures that has been customized for each patient, can be the best way to avoid the side effects.


At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, an appropriate and precise diagnostic information will be obtained, and a detailed surgical plan will be discussed during a consultation with an maxillofacial surgeon. On the day of surgery, the operation will be performed in an aseptic operating environment with the highest safety rating guaranteed. A post-surgical Two Jaw intensive care unit will be available for all aftercare treatments.

For the best results after two jaw surgery, every step in the surgical process must be very precise and detail oriented. At Wonjin Dental, we consider all aspects in the two jaw surgery process. This attention to detail allows us to bring the most proportional and aesthetically pleasing facial features.

Korean Two Jaw Surgery, Is It Safe?

Total cooperative care and treatment system at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, where medical experts and specialized surgeons from various departments work together for a responsible and best result. 

- Plastic Surgery Clinic 
Aesthetic surgery appropriate for the individual’s facial structure is determined through consultation 
- Corrective Orthodontics 
After analyzing occlusion, customized surgical method and corrective orthodontic are planned 
- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 
Surgery is performed after determining correlation of jaw and occlusion 
- Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) 
Thorough preoperative inspection of nasal blockage and nasal septum 
- Anesthesiology 
Individual anesthesia is selected and process is explained 
- Aesthetic 
Operate 1:1 swelling care programs for patients’ quick recovery

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