Monday, March 20, 2017

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour, True Beginning of Egg Shaped Face Line

How did Wonjin Plastic Surgery Complex Facial Contour start? 
Recently, the standard of beauty prefers smaller and slimmer face shape, and it makes many people go for plastic surgery Korea to get a perfect V-line shaped face. However, this leads to other problems of unnatural looking jawline due to over incision. 

When others were focusing on the surgeries only to make face smaller, Wonjin Plastic Surgery has thought about the beauty that comes from the overall balance. So Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s Complex Facial Contour not only cuts the bones but also it improves the overall face line by making a smooth curve line from hairline to the end of the jaw. 

The effect of egg-shaped face line, firm and elastic from the inside! 
Facial contour may reduce the size of the face but this does not mean that it can also reduce the soft tissues of face skin and muscles, which may cause the sagging depending on each individual’s condition. 

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, we minimize the incision size to reduce the possibility of sagging with our rich experience. However, we provide variety types of lifting procedures to maximize the satisfactory for those who have a lot of fat on face and chin.

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour, True Beginning of Egg Shaped Face Line

Before Surgery
There will some examinations done including X-Ray scans, etc after the consultation, and based on the examination result, a customized surgery plan will be made 

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour, True Beginning of Egg Shaped Face Line

During Surgery
Customized surgery will be done based on the plan made, after discussion between patient and the plastic surgeon.

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour, True Beginning of Egg Shaped Face Line

After Surgery
After care service will be provided after the surgery including wound dressing (clean care system), instruction on medication, and some therapy like Oxygen Therapy, Injection Therapy, and Healite Therapy.

3 important points of having Non-Incisional Facial Contour at Wonjin Plastic Surgery:
1. Completion of V-Line without shaving the bone. 
Wonjin Plastic Surgery makes V-Line without shaving the bone through customized procedure for each individual’s diagnosis. 
2. Excellent effect by solving the fundamental cause. 
The effect is guaranteed by finding the problem of face shape and resolves the matter with precise analysis. 
3. Fast treatment and recovery. 
With Wonjin Plastic Surgery's Non-Incisional Facial Contour, the treatment and recovery time is much faster than regular facial contour surgeries.

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