Reduce Swelling After Korean Rhinoplasty

Did you just have a Korean rhinoplasty and wondering how to reduce the swelling faster and won't leave any scar or bruise? Or maybe you want to know more about Korean rhinoplasty?

Nose is the center of your face, where with a small changes, it can gives you a lot of different feels and appearance in entire face. This is why both man and woman, all over the world decides to have Korean rhinoplasty, to gain back their confidence, to get rid of their nose complex. 

Reduce Swelling After Korean Rhinoplasty

For every type of plastic surgery, including Korean rhinoplasty, it needs at least one to six months until all the bruise and swelling are gone. Of course, it will be different for each person. As the condition of each person are different as well.

But here are some tips you might want to know so that the swelling and bruise can reduce faster but leave a good result.

1. Do Not Put Compress On Your Nose
This is important to pay attention that you should not put either hot or cold compression right on the nose. Why? Because it could change the shape of the cartilage or implant inserted in your nose. Better put the compress around nose like on eyes area or smile line, etc.

2. Used Cold Compress To Reduce Swelling
Cold compress can help to relieve pain and swelling from Korean rhinoplasty, Don't apply the compress to long and do not fall asleep with it on your skin, especially if you're using ice pack.

Reduce Swelling After Korean Rhinoplasty

3. Don't Pinch The Nose
Both implant and cartilage need time to settle down inside your nose, so it's very recommended not to pinch your nose or blow your nose too hard because it might cause the implant or cartilage moving to other place. As well as wearing glasses, try not to wear glasses at least for a month if possible, again it depends on the method you use, you can ask your surgeon for this.

4. Stretching or Walk Around
Walking around can help to reduce swelling by increasing circulation. This helps to push fluid that causes swelling.

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5. Take Medicine
Medicine that are given by the clinic you had Korean rhinoplasty at, will help you to reduce swelling even faster. But do not take painkiller too often. Painkiller can be taken only when pain is present with 8 to 10 hours intervals.

Reduce Swelling After Korean Rhinoplasty

Don;t forget to read Discharge Precautions After Korean Rhinoplasty as well to avoid unwanted situation after the surgery.

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