The Most Done Korean Plastic Surgery For Man?

What kind of Korean plastic surgery done by most male patient? Eyelid surgery? Maybe. Rhinoplasty? Maybe. But the mostly done procedure is no other than Korea face contouring. And out of those procedures available, there are TOP 3 procedures that mostly being done by male patients. 

For most male patient, one of the important thing why they're doing plastic surgery is to make their face line angle looks even better and want to look more manly. Yes, Korea face contouring at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is different. 

Here are things that make it different:
1. Slimmer bone through cortical bone excision
2. Natural face line which match face golden ratio for man
3. More accurate through 3D simulation program
4. Faster recovery with premium face contouring after care system

Wonjin Plastic Surgery is equipped with the most advanced technological medical devices and undoubtedly the best plastic surgeons in Korea. Korea face contouring surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries and the clinic must be ready with systematic response codes in case of an emergency. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s Exclusive Facial Contour Center, we prioritize our patients' safety, therefore, systems as such have been placed to eradicate any possible events.

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