Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This Is More Than Normal Square Jaw Surgery

There are many people considering Korea face contouring surgery as the most difficult surgery just because its recovery period and the surgery is kind of complicated compared to the other type of surgeries, which makes them gave up on this surgery from the very first time. 

It's true that Korea face contouring surgery, including Square Jaw Surgery, is kind of more complicated but you don't have to worry anymore since now there is an upgraded technique that not only aiming the square jaw only but also creating an excellent effect on the side and front view.

The normal Square Jaw Surgery only fractures the angular jaw so no effect can be seen from the front view. But The new Spin-Carving method, is aiming to complete a slender face, from the hairline to the cheekbone, square jaw and the edges of the chin.

Of course it's a difficult and complicated surgery as it carves out curvature from dense bone mass of square jaws and wide chin, but the plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Surgery has been doing this kind of surgery for the past 20 years.

It is extremely important to avoid damaging nerves during Korea face contouring surgery. At the same time, we do not want to be limited to poor surgical outcomes. It is important to tackle the issue of safety and botched outcomes at the same time. Out-dated method of only performing Square Jaw Surgery was mainly due to the risks of damaging nerves, hence the aesthetic effects were diminished as the frontal view was unchanged.

But Wonjin Plastic Surgery's new and advanced Spin-Carving method allows fine contour just beneath the mandibular foramen, managing to maintain safety from nerve damage and achieving optimum outcomes.

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