3D Face Contour For Better Looks & Appearance

Many people are preparing for job looking by fixing their appearance, including doing plastic surgery to make themselves look better. But actually what is the connection between plastic surgery and job looking?

The interest in job hunting has been increasing. Especially since the difference in annual income is becoming wider between large and mid-sized companies, there is more interest in interviewing and getting a position in the large companies.

How to create an attractive facial impression that leads to a good interview result.

One employment site targeted 413 HR employees with the subject of "Evaluating Applicants' First Impressions” and determining the first impression in the first 30 seconds ranked number 1 with 26.4%, 1 minute was the second highest. The largest factor to determine the first impression was the face with 56.7%. 

The most important thing during an interview, according to the HR representatives, is first impression. After resume acceptance, the interview is an opportunity to appeal one’s appearance that was not shown in the picture. 63.2% of the representatives said that they made acceptations based on first impression, which explains the importance of appearances in Korea. 

From the front, if the lower jaw is angled, and the left and right is wide, and the chin bone is angled from the side, the face looks bigger than it actually is, and gives off a strong impression. A face with developed cheek bones has a strong impression and looks old and gives off a wide and large face image. Also, people who have developed front chins hear that they look fat. 

Other than the mentioned above, square jaw, protruding mouth, protruding chin, and asymmetric facial line can look unnatural and give off a strenuous impression. 

Dr. Wonjin Park of Wonjin Plastic Surgery says, “To make a strong looking face soft, two-jaw facial contouring is effective, but with aesthetics and function from orthodontics, it is possible to achieve a small and V line face line without functional problems.” 

He continued by saying, “Finding the balance for the facial line is the way to a successful plastic surgery. Rather than focusing on the aesthetic side, consider the functional side and the process after the surgery, and only by accurate diagnosis and systematic collaboration of each department, can bring safe and satisfactory results.”

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