Best Materials For The Best Korean Rhinoplasty

Many people would concern and worry about this and that before having Korean rhinoplasty. What if the implant looks too obvious and unnatural? What if the height is too high or too low? Those kind of thoughts would be the biggest concern before they decided to have the surgery. 

It is normal. But actually you don't have to worry about it anymore. Any kind of materials used for Korean rhinoplasty at Wonjin Plastic Surgery are all safe and has been certified (in case of implant) that can last long for a long time.

Of course it's important to choose the correct implant type, as well as the right size for Korean rhinoplasty. Especially, because everyone has different nose bone size and skin tissue type, it's very recommended to compare each materials' pro and con, and choose the best one, the most suitable one. 

Implant, Autologous Tissue, Artificial Tissue, and Filler can be chosen for your Korean rhinoplasty materials. 

There are 4 types of implants that usually used for Korean rhinoplasty: Ultra Soft Silicon, Silicone, Gore-Tex, and Silitex. Each implants has its own characteristic, and pro & con. 

Meanwhile Autologous Tissue, is a tissue collected from your own body. The biggest advantages is that it has low infection rate (because it's taken from your own). It also provides a natural shape. It can be collected from Septum Cartilage, Ear Cartilage, Rib Cartilage, Autologous Skin, Autologous Fat, or Autologous Fascia.

Artificial Tissue also has 3 types that can be chosen based on your needs and preference. Renaderm, Alloderm, and Medpor have their own pro and con. Artifical tissue is used as a subsidiary material if Autologous Tissue is not available.

Last would be Filler. Filler is a simple injection can fill your 'flat' area, in this case nose. So it's not really a surgery but through this Korean rhinoplasty procedure, you can get a bigger and higher nose bridge without surgery. There are Restylane, Juvederm, and Artecol filler.

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