The Best Under Eye Fat Removal Surgery in Korea

How old do you look??
10s? 20s? 40?

Maybe you ever been in a situation where people told you that you look older than your actual age especially because of your appearance. Eye, might be one of the reason. Sleepy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, are the most existing problems if it comes to eye appearance.

Best eye plastic surgery in Korea can help you to overcome this problem. From the most famous double eyelid surgery, to ptosis correction. As well as under eye plastic surgery and medinent for eye area.

One of the thing people would concern the most is under eye area. Eye bags and dark circle. People would like to get rid of them as these would make them look older than their actual age, look fatigue, and tired all day long.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has the solution. A best eye plastic surgery in Korea procedure, which can help to remove these problems, called, under eye plastic surgery.

Wonjin under eye plastic surgery is the best eye plastic surgery in Korea which favored by many people especially for those who have excessive fat under their eye. There are two types of fat removal on under eye plastic surgery term though. One is called Fat Reposition while the other one is called Fat Removal.

In case of excessive fat under eye with wrinkle and dark circle, the fat will be repositioned. But this can be done if the causes of the dark circle is because of the bone structure. The bone structure makes the eye bag look sunken and create a shadow-like pigmentation under eye, so to correct this, the fat will be repositioned and inserted into the area. Meanwhile the other case, for Fat Removal, the excessive fat will be removed to gives an youthful appearance.

Through this best eye plastic surgery in Korea, the excessive fat can be repositioned or removed, depends on the diagnosis of the patients' condition.

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