Protruded Mouth Correction with Korean Two Jaw Surgery

Korean two jaw surgery has 3 cases of protruded mouth. First, teeth are protruded but upper and lower jaw bone are normal. Second, teeth are straight but gum is protruded. Last, overall protruded mouth with both teeth and gum protruded. These 3 cases can be handled by Korean Two Jaw Surgery by Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea.

Commonly, people who have protruded mouth has their mouth always opened unconsciously, show too much gum while smiling, lips look thick, look awkward when mouth is closed, look like a short chin, have done the nose and short chin surgery but their mouth is still protruded. Mostly, the main cause of protruded mouth is genetic cause. There is also acquired by bad habit which is include as environmental cause. Usually, the protruded mouth is caused by bone structure. In this case, Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) is required to move the bones of the gum area backwards. If the protruded mouth has complex problems, then Korean Two Jaw Surgery should be applied.

ASO is the surgery for protruded mouth. It can be improved with excision on the 6-8 front teeth with gum bones and moves them backwards. Korean Two Jaw Surgery is for the cases with abnormal upper and lower jaw protrusion. Both ASO and Two Jaw Surgery are applied to improve the protrusion but the result differs by individual. For the successful result, an accurate diagnosis by well-experienced and specialized surgeon is required. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea only suggests the surgical method that can bring the best result with cooperative treatment system of plastic surgery and dental clinic with numerous surgical experiences.

To achieve the best result, the aesthetic improvement is important as it is to functional improvement. The ideal process for protruded mouth should be done by both Plastic Surgeon and Dentist. Orthodontic treatment should be done by a dentist, whereas aesthetic analysis and surgery should be done by a plastic surgeon. At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, cooperative treatment with both Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea and Wonjin Dental Clinic is provided in one building that brings us the best result.

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