Reveal Your Bare Face Through Korean Best Face Contouring

Many of us who like selfie get satisfied when using beauty camera or being photo-shopped. In those beauty camera apps, if we know the right angle, we can get an attractive V-Line face. But nowadays, instead of V-Line, Korean best face contouring just invented new term which is called egg-line. While V-Line is a triangular shaped bottom half of a face, full rounded egg-line which is round or rather oval like an egg, gives you more friendly and innocent image.

South Korea is the world leader in cosmetic surgeries. No wonder, not only Korean who do the plastic surgery, but nearly 50,000 overseas visitors come to this country for plastic surgery. With that many foreigners who travel to Korea to go under the knife, there are services that help them to do it. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has 5 teams, Dentistry, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ear and Nose Department, and Anesthesiology, these teams are collaborated into to provide the best outcome for Korean best face contouring.

Korean best face contouring not only give you perfect face shape. But also makes you look 10 years younger. Through Korean best face contouring, you can uninstall your beauty camera apps, no more photo-editing, and confidently reveal your bare face. The result is really like a magic. Through depth consultation with face contouring surgeon, Wonjin also provides 3D surgery which shows you what your face would be like after the surgery. And after the surgery, Wonjin also provides contouring elasticity care, swelling care, and cell revitalization care.

If you afraid of surgery, general anesthesia, pain, and long recovery period, Wonjin also provides non incision facial contour. It is a method to make smaller shaped face without shaving the bone. The procedure time is shortened too by just improving the face muscle, skin, fat, and ratio which also allows a quick recovery.

Korean best face contouring will minimize the incision size to reduce the possibility of swelling effect. However, variety types of face contour is provided in Wonjin to maximize the satisfactory for those who have a lot of fat on face and chin.

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