Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Answers Every Mom's Concern

Summer is the right time for people to start diet for showing nice body line. Since in summer people are wearing comfortable t-shirt or more simple style which is perfect on sunny day, it's necessary to make prettier body fit to those clothes. 

Among people who do diet, most people are concerning about belly fat. In fact, abdomen has more fat than other parts of body which is causing belly fat. But in another way, abdomen can easily be burned from fat through sports or another daily activities. And of course once is not enough, sport must be done repeatedly. Some people who don't have time for doing sport or don't like to do sport will choose plastic surgery.

Wonjin plastic surgery clinic has body contour surgery for reduce belly fat which is called tummy tuck. Tummy Tuck is also recommended for reducing stretch marks and removing droopy skin resulting from child birth. Tummy Tuck can be classified into two methods: liposuction and dermal-fat incision method. Most cases can be resolved through liposuction but in the case of excessive fats and worsened skin elasticity, tummy tuck is also recommended. Fat and excess skin is removed via liposuction, then muscle tissue is pulled and tightened. Wonjin plastic surgery clinic can correct your body to be slim and elastic through Tummy Tuck. Wonjin performs it very accurately throughout analysis of patients' body type, age, skin condition, fat, and muscle.

In another word, those who are with severe obesity, have extremely saggy abdomen due to loss of elasticity, have saggy skin and stretch mark after childbirth, have saggy abdomen due to relaxation of abdomen muscle, lost skin elasticity due to rapid weight loss/gain, desire to refine skin after liposuction

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has compressive garment for Tummy Tuck that is recommended to wear after surgery at all times for the first month and put it on at home or while asleep on another month.


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