Why The Best Lifting Is In Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic is already recognized by Rusia (the origin country of Lifting). Wonjin Plastic Surgery's operation design is based on the accurate diagnosis and customized fixation point. Operation plan is based on the patient's age, symptoms, and environment. Skilled technique of finding the accurate fixation point to lift to the moderate range. Wonjin Plastic Surgery also has sufficient amount of lifting by extending the thread direction to inside of the face.

By age of 20's and 30's Wonjin's lifting can make a small and elastic v-line, tight skin and rejuvenation, anti-aging through cell regeneration, improvement of wrinkles, and prevent pigmentation. Wonjin's lifting for 40's and above will tighten droopy skin from aging, improve thick and deep wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, prevent pigmentation and improve saggy facial line.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has V-Lifting treatment that has proved to be safe for over 50 years. V-Lifting is a treatment that inserts medical thread which has 2-3 times of cog than regular thread into dermis layer to pull the wrinkles tightly, which results in a semi-permanent effect. In addition, skin regeneration due to collagen synthesis helps skin tone to be improved and provide elasticity on your face.

V-Lifting by Wonjin Plastic Surgery is suitable for those who wish to get a v-line without shaving the bone and wish to arrange facial line after two jaw surgery or facial contouring, are concerned with wrinkles between the eyes, nose, and neck. Those who are worried about pain and recovery time and wish to receive quick lift effects after the procedure is also recommended for this treatment.

V-lifting is possible with just a few threads and very effective. V-lifting thread by Wonjin Plastic Surgery can bring semi-permanent effect since it has wide point of support and fixation power is strong with 2-3 times of cogs than general thread. These threads are used for even tying blood vessels in heart surgery, so the chance of inflammation or side effects is minimal. You can get desired face shape as thread can be pulled towards desired directions.

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